Chateau David Beaulieu

Chateau David Beaulieu, Bordeaux Supérieur, Jean-Baptiste Audy
France - Bordeaux
Chateau David Beaulieu, Bordeaux Supérieur, Jean-Baptiste Audy
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Wine information: Chateau David Beaulieu is a 20 hectare estate located in the district of Galgon, on the right bank of the Garonne River, near Libourne. The vineyard has been under the ownership of the Duporge family since 1910. Chateau David Beaulieu is a Bordeaux Supérieur is a 70 % Merlot, 19 % Cabernet Franc and 11 % Cabernet Sauvignon blend. It is a well-balanced, fruity and soft wine. This wine was previously known simply as Chateau David but new regulations mean that the name must be appended with the owner's family name, in this case "Beaulieu", to distinguish it from other Chateau Davids (who must now also do the same).

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