Lovage Alcoholic Cordial

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Product information: Lovage Cordial is an alcoholic cordial produced by Phillips of Bristol. J R Phillips was once Bristol’s oldest wine merchant was started in 1739. In 1804 the company took on a new accountant, James Rouquet Phillips, later to become a partner. In 1825, James George sold the firm, now known as JR Phillips, to his partner, who together with his sons, William and Augustus, built up a best- selling line – Old English cordials. Available in seven flavours – Pink cloves, Lovage, White Peppermint, Green Peppermint, Aniseed, Grenadine and Shrub – now mainly used in cocktails. Originally produced as medication – and for the prevention of illness on long sea voyages – these included lime juice (for the prevention of scurvy), celery-flavoured lovage (for rheumatism) and shrub, a potent mixture of juices and alcohol guaranteed to keep colds at bay. The Phillips of Bristol range has recently been repackaged with a new bottle shape, to emphasis the heritage of the medicine shaped bottle, and a new label focusing on the Clifton Suspension bridge, where it all began back in 1739. A cordial is an alcoholic infusion of herbs or other plants and is often thought to have invigorating or stimulating properties (the word cordial is really interchangeable with liqueur). The Phillips of Bristol cordials are all made to secret recipes handed down to JR Phillips and have a long West Country heritage. Lovage cordial was taken to settle an upset stomach and could be found on sale in inns until the early 1800s and has always been know as a bit of a "medicinal" pick-me-up.

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