Ciconia Tinto Alentejo (2011)

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Product information: Ciconia Tinto is a red wine from the Alentejo wine growing region of Portugal made by Herdade de Sao Miguel. This new vineyard planted in 2001 by Alexandre Relvas has quite quickly established itself as one of the leading lights of the Évorian vineyards. Alexandre is into biodiversity so amongst other living things, São Miguel is now home to… “the prettiest donkeys EVER!”(according to young Fiona Cameron). Using typical Alentejo grape varieties (Aragonês, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet,) and employing the expertise of Nuno Franco in the vineyard and Luís Duarte in the winery, they are producing elegant freshly fruited reds. Why Ciconia? 'Ciconia' is the Latin name for the white stork that has, as it main habitat in Portugal, the forests and woods of Alentejo. Most of the storks migrate during autumn to Africa, and return to Alentejo in December to make their nests. In June, the storks fly for the first time, flights that will normally last 33 years. They procreate with the same partner during their lifetime. The Ciconia Tinto is a super accessible blend of Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Aragonez. 10% of the wine is aged in French barrels.