Masi Tupungato Corbec Corvina / Malbec Appassimento (2010)

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Product information: Masi Corbec is a blend of semi-dried Corvina and Malbec The unrivalled and unmistakable qualities of Corvina Veronese (70%), its over- ripe cherry aroma and deep velvety structure, have balanced perfectly with the exuberant virility and tannins of Malbec (30%), thus making for a unique and fascinating aroma / taste profile. Masi Corbec is made by the specialist appassimento method. The two grape varieties are harvested and vinified separately. The selected grape bunches are laid on specially constructed wooden trays, made in imitation of the Venetian “arelle”, for 22 days. The grapes lose about 25% of their weight and gain in concentration of sugars and aromas. Soft pressing and de-stalking follow. The grapes are fermented at 18-20°C for 20 days in stainless steel tanks. After racking, the wine completes its fermentation at 16°C for 25 days with the help of selected yeasts. Maturation lasts 18 months in medium-toasted oak barriques. The separate varieties are then assembled and the resulting wine transported to Italy in flexitank containers under a nitrogen seal. Ageing continues in stainless steel containers until bottling.