Niepoort Charme (2007)

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Product information: Niepoort Charme is all about elegance and balance, achieved by taking special attention to the smallest details during all the wine making process. Charme is made in traditional stone lagares with 100% stems. The Elegance is acheived using grapes from very old vineyards in the Vale Mendiz area on the banks of the Pinhão river. Old vineyards from Vale de Mendiz in the Pinhão valley are a key element for Niepoort Charme, these small, sheltered vineyards with low production are essential for elegant wines with supple tannins. 2007 was an excellent year for the Douro wine region, rains occurred during spring and the beginning of summer allowing soils to maintain good water levels until harvest, also low yields due mainly to rain during flowering season and some mildew present in the vineyards, were very important to obtain such quality fruit with great acidity and balanced sugar contents. Harvest occurred during September with very good weather conditions, clusters were selected both in the vineyard and in winery, and fermentation was done in traditional stone lagares, foot trodden, with all the stems. After a short maceration, alcoholic and malolactic fermentations were finished in French oak barrels, where the wine was aged for 16 months. Bottling was done without any fining or filtration. A blend of Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and others.