1965 Vintage Armagnac

At Fareham Wine Cellar we stock 1965 Armagnac from Baron de Lustrac and Baron de Sigognac.  Both producers are specialist in the production and supply of rare, old, vintage Armagnacs and both still have stocks going back to the early 1900s – have a look here for a full list of available vintages, maybe there is one for another anniversary or birthday celebration.

1965 Vintage Armagnac has a number of advantages over other wines and spirits from 1965.

  1. Vintage Armagnac is made in almost every vintage, so it quite easy to find. With Armagnac it is arguably the aging in oak barrels which is a more important factor than the base white wine produced for distillation. So you do not get as much vintage variation. Having said that, the vintage does have an effect on the style of the Armagnac. Have a look at the Baron de Sigognac Vintage Armagnac chart to see how vintages do vary.
  2. Vintage Port is not made in every vintage and 1965 was not a declared vintage. Having said that you may find some single vintage Tawny Ports, known as Colheita Ports, from 1965 and they should still be drinking well.
  3.  Vintage Armagnac keeps very well once bottled. I can think of very few wines from 1965 that will still be worth drinking. You might find some for sale, but they may not be very nice!
  4. A wine or Port from 1965, once opened, will need drinking immediately. Even a 1965 Colheita Port will oxidise within a few days once open. Once Vintage Armagnac is opened, you will have a good few months enjoy it, it won’t degrade that noticeably very quickly.
  5. 1965 Vintage Armagnac is relatively affordable compared to other wines and spirits from 1965. Take a look at a top wine or a whisky from 1965 and you will be looking at prices between £400 to £1000+ a bottle. Bear in mind point 3!
    At time of writing, Fareham Wine Cellar has two different 1965 Vintage Armagnacs, one from Baron de Lustrac and one from Baron de Sigognac.

Baron de Sigognac 1965 Vintage Armagnac

1965 Vintage Armagnac

Baron de Sigognac is a family owned producer of Armagnac owned by the Gausch family since 1974. All of their Armagnacs are aged as single vintage brandies and most are bottled as single vintage Armagnac. However Baron de Sigognac do blend some for bottling as 10, 20, 25 and 50 year old blends and for their XO Platinum. They also make a fantastic orange Armagnac liqueur called La Grande Josiane.

Baron de Sigognac 1965 Vintage Armagnac has a beautiful reddish amber colour with a fine and elegant nose that is powerful and harmonious with notes of wood, candied orange and vanilla. Bold and elegant in the mouth with a rich structure and aromas of dried fruits. Well balanced with a long and spicy finish.

If you look on the Baron de Sigognac Vintage Armagnac chart, you can see they categorise it as a powerful and expressive Armagnac whose main flavours are spices with rancio notes (the nutty, savoury aromas and flavours that develop with age).

Baron de Lustrac 1965 Vintage Armagnac

In addition to Baron de Lustrac we also supply Baron de Lustrac 1964 Vintage Armagnac. Baron de Lustrac is another small, artisan Armagnac producer who specialises in the sourcing and bottling of older Vintage Armagnacs.

1965 Vintage Armagnac

Baron de Lustrac 1965 Vintage Armagnac is presented in an old-fashioned Armagnac bottle and wooden box, these rare vintage Armagnacs are available in strictly limited quantities. Each label is inscribed with the year of distillation, the name of the Domain of production, the bottle number (they are usually single cask bottlings) and, where relevant, the grape variety.

Baron de Lustrac 1965 Vintage Armagnac has a good, deep, mature golden brown colour. It has a very complex nose with aromas of dried fruit (prunes, raisins), leather, tobacco, nutty and caramel notes. The palate is concentrated and rich with a good freshness. There is some fruit and spicy, rancio character with a long and complex finish.
Read about how Vintage Armagnac is regulated.

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