2016 Vintage Port Offer & Tasting – Thursday 28th June 2018

We are very lucky (again) to have a really good selection of barrel samples from the most recent Vintage Port declaration, the 2016.

We are therefore offering customers who are considering buying any of the 2016 Vintage Ports the chance to come and taste the samples with us at Fareham Wine Cellar. A perfect opportunity to try before you buy.

Most of the 2016 Vintage Ports are available to pre-order now at the links below.

They will be shipped to the UK in Autumn 2018 (later in 2019 for Niepoort Bioma).

Fareham Wine Cellar 2016 Vintage Port Tasting

7.00pm Thursday 28th June 2018 @ Fareham Wine Cellar

Free of charge.

There are only a very limited number of spaces available, if you wish to attend please book you space with me as soon as possible (T: 01329 822733 E: [email protected]).

I would expect the tasting will take about an hour and a half to two hours.

Prices below include UK VAT and Duty but exclude delivery. This opening offer & pricing closes Sunday 29th July 2018.

Niepoort and Symington Ports are available to pre-order now. The Fladgate Ports are not, but we should know more soon.

Wines for tasting:

The Fladgate Partnership

Skeffington 2016 Vintage Port £31.50 bottle / £189.00 6 bottles
Croft 2016 Vintage Port £52.50 bottle / £315.00 6 bottles
Fonseca 2016 Vintage Port @ £65.00 bottle / £390.00 6 bottles
Taylors 2016 Vintage Port @ £65.00 bottle / £390.00 6 bottles


Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha 2016 Vintage Port @ £76.00 bottle / £228.00 3 bottles

Symington Family Estates

Quinta de Roriz 2016 Vintage Port @ £40.25 bottle / £241.50 6 bottles
Smith Woodhouse 2016 Vintage Port @ £37.75 bottle / £226.50 6 bottles
Quinta do Vesuvio 2016 Vintage Port @ £52.50 bottle / £315.00 6 bottles
Cockburns 2016 Vintage Port @ £48.75 bottle / £292.50 6 bottles
Warres 2016 Vintage Port @ £54.75 bottle / £328.50 6 bottles
Dows 2016 Vintage Port @ £65.60 bottle / £393.00 6 bottles
Grahams 2016 Vintage Port @ £65.50 bottles / £393.00 6 bottles

A Brief Overview of the 2016 Vintage

2016 would appear to be a very good year and both of the two big Port companies (Symington Family Estates and The Fladgate Partnership) have declared. Some producers didn’t declare 2016, there is no Ramos Pinto or Niepoort “Straight” Vintage this year, for example.

Niepoort didn’t feel the vintage was right for his main vintage but he did make Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha (Old Vine Organic) Vintage Port because “The Pisca vineyard is really very special….. the Bioma deserved to be declared because it is a very good wine. It is a very good expression of the 2016 vintage, and of what nature can provide from such an amazing terroir.”

Symington Family Estates stated that “The 2016 Vintage Ports are exceptional, with tannins that are amongst the most refined ever, supporting beautiful red-fruit flavours with extraordinary intense, purple colour. They have impressive structure and balance, with Baumes, acidity, tannins and colour in rare and perfect alignment. This is no doubt a result of the later ripening cycle which allowed our grapes to mature evenly and completely.” For the Symingtons, the vintage is small, approximately 1/5th below the family’s previous declared Vintage following rigorous selection in the tasting room.

It would seem that 2016 is all about purity and elegance as well as depth and structure. Adrian Bridge, managing director of The Fladgate Partnership, says vintage’s hallmarks are “purity and refinement”. David Guimaraens, Fladgate’s Partnership’s technical director and head winemaker commented that the 2016 wines ” are solidly structured with firm, well integrated tannins and display very fine fruit quality.”

For more excellent information about the 2016 Port Vintage please have a look at the following links:

The Vintage Port Site (Symington Family)

Symington Family Estates

The Fladgate Partnership

Richard Mayson

The Wine Detective

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