50 Year Old Armagnac, 1973 Vintage Armagnac for 2023

A 1973 Vintage Armagnac (Brandy) will make a great 50th birthday present in 2023.

There are precious few wines, Ports and spirits left from 1970 now and what you can find will most likely be very expensive. There whiskies from 1973 but they are rather expensive. Most wines from 1973 should arguably have been drunk up quite a few years ago and are now rather long in the tooth. 1973 was good year for Vintage Port and there should still be plenty of 1970 vintage Ports available, even though some might be nearing the end of their drinking cycle now. There are some Colheita Ports (single vintage Tawny Ports) and vintage Madeiras from 1973 which should offer fine drinking at the grand old age of 50 years old.

Which brings us back to Armagnac. I am always amazed that Armagnac is such a relatively affordable brandy for something that has been aged 50 years or more. There are quite a few small bottles of Vintage Armagnacs who have access to all sorts of hidden treasures and this year, 2017, we are please to be able to supply Baron de Lustrac 1973 Vintage Armagnac , Baron de Sigognac 1973 Vintage Armagnac and Janneau 1973 Vintage Armagnac. Armagnac also makes a great present because it doesn’t need decanting like a vintage Port and will last for many months in the bottle once opened.



Baron de Lustrac 1973 Vintage Armagnac

Baron de Lustrac works with a number of small producers and growers and oversees production and ageing of their spirit – this allows them full control of their Armagnac. Only the finest eaux de vie from the best terroirs are used in the production of Lustrac’s vintage Armagnacs. The amber colour and fine comes careful wood ageing for many years. It is the interaction of the spirit and the oak which produces the intense flavour and aromas that Armagnac is famous for.

Baron de Lustrac 1973 Vintage Armagnac is presented in a old-fashioned brandy bottle and comes in a smart polished wooden box with brass clasp and hinges.


Baron de Sigognac 1973 Vintage Armagnac

Baron de Sigognac is another small, specialist bottler of older Vintage Armagnacs. The Owners of Baron de Sigognac, The Guasch family, have been in Gascony since the 12th century. They have owned the château at Bordeneuve since 1974 and are one of the region’s largest courtier and negociant operations. Today the father-and-son team of Jean-Claude and Thomas look after viticulture, vinification and distillation. They are one of the few producers to oversee its entire production.

Their Armagnacs are aged in 420 Litre oak barrels (as is Baron de Lustrac) and as it ages it becomes darker in colour and softer, smoother and more elegant on the palate whilst aromas and flavours of prunes, violets, fig, honey, butterscotch and rancio develop.

Tasting Notes (from Sigognac): “Mahogany in colour. Nose with notes of wood, candied orange and candied fruits. Very smooth and full in the mouth with lots of presence and finesse, giving a long suave finish.”

Baron de Sigognac 1973 Vintage Armagnac is presented in a clear, brandy bottle in a branded wooden box with sliding wooden lid. The bottling date is indicated on the back of each bottle.
Take a look at my earlier blog post about the the authenticity of Vintage Armagnac. There is also an interesting Baron de Sigognac Vintage Chart which shows the various flavour profiles of the various different vintages.

Baron de Sigognac also produce a 50 Year Old Armagnac, a 50 year old blend presented in a rather smart Decanter Bottle.

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