Chacha – The Spirit of Georgia

What is Chacha?

Chacha is a clear strong, distilled spirit from country of Georgia made from grapes, so essentially it is a Georgian brandy. It is made from the leftovers of the wine-making process, i.e. the must or pomace, and can be classed as a Pomace brandy similar to a Grappa or a Marc de Bourgogne. Chacha is one of the oldest distilled products in the world and is also known as vine vodka, grape vodka or Georgian vodka. It is normally double distilled in Charentais type copper stills and then left to rest in either stainless steel vats or old wooden vats prior to bottling.
Chacha is the name for any type of moonshine made from many different types of fruit, but mostly it refers to the spirit made from grape pomace. In Georgia many people swear by Chacha’s medicinal properties and it is believed to be help remedy many ailments including blocked ears and indigestion.

At Fareham Wine Cellar we stock Chateau Mukhrani Chacha, a very refined Chacha that is smooth but powerful. Chateau Mukhrani Chacha is a vintage spirit and comes from the Mukhrani estate Eastern Georgia, located between the split of the Caucasus and Trialeti moutain ranges in the basin of the Ksani and Aragvi rivers, 35km from Tbilisi.

How to serve Chacha

Chacha is normally served neat and and can be served at room temperature or chilled. It can be mixed but this is the exception.

 The Chacha Tower

In 2012, in the Georgian Black Sea resort town of Batumi, a Chacha Tower was opened. This clock tower is 70 feet tall and is designed to attract locals and visitors alike. Perhaps people are mainly attracted by the fact the fact that free Chacha flows from the the fountain once a week for 15 minutes and from special dispenssrs for 10 minutes everyday at 7pm. The Chacha Tower also has a tourism centre, swimming pool and other facilities.

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