Champagne Krug ID Number

Champagne Krug ID Feature

Champagne Krug needs little introduction, quite simply it is one of the best luxury cuvée Champagnes. Whilst browsing through Krug’s website the other day I came across a little feature called Krug ID. Here is a screencap from their website

So it seems that every bottle of Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée that left their cellars since September 2011 carries an Krug ID number which you can enter into their website to give information all about your bottle. I just happen to have a Krug Grande Cuvée with the code 111011 on the back, so I thought I would try it out!

Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée Back Label with Krug ID Number

So what information does this bring up? Here is what I found out,

So it seems that the bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée I have here left the Krug cellars and was corked in winter 2010/11. There is a lot more information about the wine if you scroll down and it can be downloaded but I am not sure how exciting this feature will be for purchasers / drinkers of Champagne Krug. I suppose it could be useful if you have a selection of Grande Cuvée and you want to drink the oldest bottling first. Otherwise it is just a gimmick really, albeit an nice one.
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