Compass Box Whisky Delilahs

Compass Box Whisky Delilah’s Limited Edition

Compass Box Whisky is a small independent whisky bottler, led by master whisky blender and founder John Glaser. Compass Box specialise in very high quality blended whiskies and have gained a bit of a cult following in recent years for whiskies such as Hedonism, Oak Cross, Peat Monster and their fabulous spicy, orange whisky infusion, Orangerie.
Compass Box Whisky Delilahs

Each year Compass Box Whisky release a small number of limited editions that are produced in very small quantities and are highly sought after by collectors and drinkers alike. Its that time of year again.

The big launch is the Compass Box Delilah’s but there are also two test bottlings of Great King Street and a 10th Anniversary bottling of The Peat Monster. There is also a bottling called General Mayhem – I have given as much information as I have so far, but will send more information when (if) I get it. Please follow the links below for more information and price.

PLEASE NOTE – these are all being released for sale in the UK on the 16th September 2013 except for the General Mayhem which will be launched in November.

Compass Box Whisky Limited Editons are only available in very small quantities and normally sell out extremely quickly. Find out more about this whisky and others at the Compass Box Whisky website.

I am taking order for this and other limited editions up to the 6th September 2013 on a first come, first served basis. Please telephone 01329 822733 or email

Notes from Compass Box Whisky

Limited Release of approx 6,400 bottles
Bottled in July 2013.

Flavour Descriptors
Rich and sweet, with intense yet subtly complex, honeyed and seductive fruity notes, cereals and vanilla-cream.

Delicious drunk as a shot along with a beer or sipped neat with chilled water to taste.

Distillery Sourcing
Single malts from the towns of Alness and Longmorn (approx 50% of the recipe); single grain whisky from Fife (approx 50% of the recipe).

Bottling Details
Bottled at 40%. Not chill filtered.
Natural colour.

“If you like whisky and you like to have fun, you will love Delilah’s, which has been voted many times “Best whisky bar in America”. At Delilah’s you can drink your whisky any way you like. In classic American style, you will always find an evening special for a “shot and a beer”……Which is the inspiration for this whisky. We’ve created a Scotch whisky that works perfectly as a shot with a beer. To achieve this, we have chosen a combination of single malt and single grain whiskies, all of which have been aged in American oak casks, some of which were new. So you get
lovely, intense richness, vanilla character and sweetness. It’s an unusual style for Scotch whisky, but one that we think is absolutely delicious drunk
as a shot along with a beer. Happy 20th Anniversary to Mike Miller and Delilah’s!” John Glaser, Whisky Maker.

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