Grahams 1961 Single harvest Tawny Port

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This is an exclusive release of a very rare bottling of Grahams 1961 Single Harvest Tawny (or Colheita).

There are only three casks, of 712 bottles each, of this port, being released.

This is the first release from the first cask of three.

The port has been personally selected by award-winning Grahams winemaker Charles Symington himself out of 14 remaining casks.

Each bottle has been hand numbered by the Bottling Manager himself, and is accompanied by its own certificate of ownership. The bottle and packaging for this special port have been designed in house by Grahams Port. The highest quality materials have been used and each flask is protected by a handmade padded leather tube and a solid oak cap that doubles up as a display plinth.

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Grahams 1961 Single harvest Tawny Port

Grahams 1961 Single harvest Tawny

Grahams Press Release

“It was during one of my regular visits to the lodge that I came upon the idea of launching a wine that would pay tribute to Grahams experience as a producer of fine old tawnies, building on the outstanding reputation that Grahams Port has earned on its vintage ports over the last 2 centuries and especially during the last 50 years.

Every year we taste and assess all our ageing wines in the Grahams lodge, and I knew that we had 14 casks of a wine that I had always considered special: the 1961. This wine had matured under the watchful eye of my father while he was Graham’s winemaker and is still being used today as one the many wines that constitute the final blend of our distinguished Grahams 40 Years Old Tawny Port, giving great complexity and depth to the wine.

Over the last few years these casks had been developing particularly well and so impressed me, that I decided it deserved a closer look. I took samples from each of the 14 casks, lined them up in the tasting room and carefully tasted each one.

All cask proved to contain outstanding wines, but there were three that were truly exceptional, standing out from the others. They were showing a vivid rich amber colour, with a suggestion of a green tinge on the rim. On the nose an explosion of of multiple aromas, a combination of caramel, nuts, hints of vanilla and cigar box. Massively concentrated in the mouth, these wines have a complex palate revealing honeycomb, exotic spices and crystallised orange peel flavours. The richness is balanced by a firm and refreshing acidity which gives the wine a perfect balance and structure, leading to an endless finish.

I had unearthed a well-kept treasure….. and so decided to produce a special edition using these three casks, each producing just 712 bottles.
I hope you will experience the same sensations that I had when enjoying a glass of this exceptional and unique Grahams 1961 Single Harvest Tawny.”

Charles Symington
Grahams Winemaker

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