Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 6 x 75cl bottles

Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2021 6 x 75cl bottles

Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 6 x 75cl bottles @ £509.99

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Please note, when you click to buy the Graham’s Vintage Port Bond, you will be taken away from the Fareham Wine Cellar website to the Grahams Port Bond Website to enter your details and complete the transaction.

The 6 bottle Grahams Vintage Port Bond allows one to buy one case (6 x 75 cl bottles) of Vintage Port in the year it is harvested rather than having to wait approximately another 18 months before the Vintage Port is bottled, shipped and available in the UK. This makes the Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 an ideal gift or Christening present for anyone born in 2022, a wedding present to anyone getting married in 2022 or simply a way of marking a significant year or anniversary.

There is also a 1 x 75 cl Single Bottle bottle Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 option available here.

The 6 bottle Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 Price includes:

1 case of Graham’s 2022 Vintage Port (6 x 75 cl)

VAT and Duty

Delivery to a UK address

Beautifully presented and personalised Certificate

Bespoke service, informing customer when their Port is ready for delivery

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Graham’s Port Bond Website for full terms and conditions. The essentials are:

The 6 bottles Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2022 entitles the holder to 1 case (6 x 75 cl bottles) Grahams Vintage Port from the harvest of the year the bond is purchased, in this case 2022.

Please note, that if a main vintage is not declared in that year, 1 case (6 x 1.5 Litre Magnum bottles) Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos 2022 Vintage Port will be provided instead. These are exclusive to Graham’s Port Bond customers. Malvedos is not otherwise sold in magnum bottles, so these should become quite collectible.

In the unusual occurrence that no vintage Port is made at all in a given year then a full refund will be guaranteed or an alternative vintage year will be offered.

The buyer receives a Grahams Vintage Port Bond 2021 on purchase and will be provided with a high quality, personalised presentation bond certificate that can be presented to the recipient on the occasion being celebrated. The certificate will arrive via 1st class delivery within 7 to 10 working days of the purchase.

The Port will be delivered approximately two years after the August/September harvest. Graham’s will be in contact to arrange delivery at this time.

Each year’s offering will run until Jan 31st the following year to allow for late purchases, e.g. the 2022 Vintage Port Bond will be available to order 1st Jan 2022 – 31st Jan 2023.

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