Grahams Vintage Port Bond

Grahams Vintage Port Bond

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One of the things I am often asked about is supplying wine or Port for Christening or wedding gifts. This can be tricky thing to do when someone wants to actually buy wine or Port from the year of the wedding or Christening. A lot of people don’t appreciate that the wines or Ports from the current year will not be available straight away and they often want to give it as a present ASAP. A nice idea, but winemaking takes time.

Inquiries for Christening or wedding gifts can come throughout the viticultural year, so I often have to explain, depending on the time of the year, that the vines haven’t flowered yet, the grapes are still on the vine, the grapes haven’t been harvested yet, the wine is quietly ageing away in oak barrels for many months etc. – most good quality wines will spend a good 12 to 18 months in oak barrels and are then aged a certain amount of time in bottle prior to release from the producer and shipping to the UK.

What’s more, there is no guarantee that a wine or Port vintage in any particular year will be a good one and with vintage Port there is no guarantee that it will be a even be a declared vintage at all. Furthermore there is also nothing tangible to give as a present. For example, if 2017 is declared as a vintage year for Port, it wouldn’t be available in the UK until late 2018 or early 2019.
In other parts of the wine world there is the en Primeur system (whether one thinks it is broken or not) which is probably most famous for Bordeaux and Burgundy. However, there are other wine producing countries and regions that sell En Primeur too. Port has never really had as formalised En Primeur system like Bordeaux, but wine merchants, like ourselves, will send out offers when the prices of vintage Port are released. If we can get a few cask sample of vintage Ports we try and do a customer tasting so people can try before they buy.

Grahams Port noticed is a gap in the market. Which is where the Grahams Vintage Port Bond comes in.

What is the Grahams Vintage Port Bond?

The Grahams Vintage Port Bond allows one to buy a case of Vintage Port in the year it is harvested rather than having to wait approximately 18 months before the Vintage Port is bottled, shipped and available in the UK. This makes it an ideal gift to a child in the year of their birth, or to a couple in the year of their marriage.

The Grahams Vintage Port Bond can then be redeemed when the Port is available in the UK, which as mentioned above, is usually around 18 months after the harvest of that particular year.

The Bond entitles the holder to 1 case (1 x 6 bottles) Grahams Vintage Port from the harvest of the year the bond is purchased or, if a main vintage is not declared in that year, 2 cases (2 x 6 bottles) Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port. In the unusual occurence that no vintage Port is made at all in a given year then a full refund will be guaranteed or an alternative year offered.

Please note, one can purchase The Grahams Vintage Port Bond in the current year i.e. if you buy the bond in 2017, you will received 2017 vintage Port.

The buyer receives a Grahams Vintage Port Bond on purchase and will be provided with a high quality presentation bond certificate personalised with handwritten calligraphy that can be presented to the recipient on the occasion being celebrated, such as a wedding or Christening.

The price includes,

1 case (6 bottles) of Grahams Vintage Port  or 2 cases (12 bottles) Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port

UK VAT and Duty

Delivery to a UK address

Beautifully presented and personalised Certificate in wax sealed envelope

Bespoke service, informing customer when their Port is ready for delivery

The Grahams Vintage Port Bond is only available from a select few UK wine merchants and retailers and Fareham Wine Cellar is please to be included. Buy the Grahams Vintage Port Bond and read the full terms and conditions at Fareham Wine Cellar.

Grahams Vintage Port BondGrahams Vintage Port Bond

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