Noahs Mill Bourbon Whiskey

Noahs Mill Bourbon Whiskey

I don’t normally watch much television on a Sunday morning but last Sunday I watched a quick segment on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch about Bourbon Whiskey.
I wasn’t paying much attention until I noticed the Bourbon Whiskies that they were going to be tasting. These were Wild Turkey 101 (good, but not as good as it used to be when it was an 8 year old), Knob Creek (which is widely available) and Noah’s Mill. The Noahs Mill has always been a favourite of mine but I wondered how a tasting panel of Tim Lovejoy, chef Simon Rimmer, Liz Bonnin and Craig Revel-Horwood would get on with small batch Boubon bottling bottled at 57.15% Abv. Actually, they all decided that the Noah’s Mill was their favourite, which just goes to show what good taste they have. Not that surprising considering the Wild Turkey is younger than 8 year sold, the Knob Creek is a 9 year old and the Noahs Mill is a 15 year old – it should be noticeable smoother and softer than the other two.
Wild Turkey 101 and Noahs Mill Whiskey are available at Fareham Wine Cellar.

Noahs Mill Kentucky Bourbon

Noahs Mill is a small batch Kentucky Bourbon made by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, a private, family-owned company located in Bardstown, Kentucky. Small Batch means just that, it is a Bourbon Whiskey made from a relatively small selection of barrels. At Kentucky Bourbon Distillers they use a maximum of 12 barrels for their small batch bottling runs. It is aged in new, charred American oak barrels for 15 years and is bottled by hand at a strength of 57.15% abv (114.3 Proof).
Noahs Mill Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Noahs Mill Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Noahs Mill Tasting Notes

Dark mahogany with a rich spicy nose of dried plums, vanilla, tobacco and cedar. A big initial hit of rich chewy fruit, caramel fudge, and a hint of mint—all wrapped in a spicy oak overcoat. The heat lingers in the masculine finish but there is just enough to keep the touch of black pepper on the finish at bay.

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