Nomad Outland Whisky

Whisky is the 2nd fastest growing spirits category globally (after Cognac) It is reckoned to be growing at 12% per year, so it is not surprising that there are lots of new whiskies and bottlings creeping out of the the woodwork. It also seems that the whisky-buying public are open to trying new and different brands or recognised brands perhaps with a different wood finish. For example, Compass Box Whisky has had enormous success with their premium blended malt whiskies and Glenmorangie’s limited edition whiskies have been finished in all sort of casks recently. Which is where Nomad Outland Whisky comes in.

What is Nomad Outland Whisky?

Nomad Outland WhiskyPotentially, this could be a whole new category of whisky. Basically it is a blend Scotch whisky (grain and malt) aged for most of its life in Scotland, shipped to Jerez (the Sherry capital) in Spain and finished in ex Pedro Ximenez dessert Sherry casks. This is not unusual, of course, most whisky is aged in old Sherry casks, and producers have aged Whisky in old PX cask – the difference here is that is aged in two different countries. This is also why is can’t be called Scotch Whisky and I think the term Outland Whisky is as good as any.

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Nomad Outland Whisky is a joint venture between The Dalmore and González Byass, who own Dalmore, so perhaps this idea is not so strange as it might seem. It is a a collaboration between master distiller at Dalmore, Richard Paterson, and the master blender at Gonzales Byass, Antonio Flores.

The initial Scotch whisky is a blend of over 30 single malt and grain whiskies, selected by Paterson, aged from between 5 and 8 years and principally from Speyside. The blend is aged for 3 years in Sherry butts in Scotland before it is shipped to Gonzalez Byass’ cellars in Jerez where it is finised in Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry casks for a further year. The cellars’ location next to the sea, native yeasts in the cellars and the temperature and humidity combined with the old PX Sherry casks all influence the character of the whisky.

Nomad Outland Whisky Tasting Notes

Nomad Whisky has a Dark amber / gold colour. The nose is very aromatice. There are aromas of orange / citrus notes, raisin, honey, vanilla, oak with malty, funky, tangy sherry notes. The palate is full, round, rich and complex. Sweet mid-palate, lots of raisin flavours and spicy oak with a good dollop of sherry character. The finish is long and sweet but drying out at the end.

So there you have it. A unique category of whisky. If you like sweet, sherried whisky, then this is one for you to try.

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