Plan B Wines

Some might remember Plan B Wines from a few years ago when we used to sell their cheekily-names IV Skins red, which was a quirky Australian red blend of four different grape varieties from Western Australia. Plan B Wines disappeared from the UK market probably about three or four years ago whilst they regrouped and re-organised in Australia. Now they have returned and, on trying their first offerings I am very impressed. Fareham Wine Cellar is now stocking Plan B Wines Shiraz and “OD” Riesling.

Who are Plan B Wines?

Plan B Wines are Terry Chellapah, Garry Gosatti and Bill Crappsley. All three men have been in the wine industry for a number of years. Terry and Garry met in 1989 and worked together in various places, including Arlewood Estate on Western Australia’s Leeuwin Peninsula. Their paths crossed with vineyard owner, and former winemaker at Rosabrook, Bill Crappsley in 2001. All three bemoaned the fact that all of the fun seemed to have gone out of the wine industry and Terry reckoned it still could be, after an expensive dinner and a few glasses of wine Plan B Wines was created.

A sense of fun and a love of wine are essential to this venture as is the single vineyard element -a reaction to against the plethora of non-wines from nowhere in particular on the market. All the wines are single vineyard from Frankland River in Western Australia with the intention that the wines be representative of site and variety. All Plan B Wines are supposed to be fun and free from corporate taint. As the label says, “Everyone needs a Plan B.”

Where is Frankland River?
The Frankland River wine region is located in the great Southern region of Western Australia, one of Australia’s largest wine regions. Frankland is fairly remote and is located some 5 hours drive south of Perth. The region is characterised by warm days and cool nights with long sunlight hours this, and the local soil profiles, contributes to the quality and success of the wines. The soils are mainly ironstone based gravel soils lining the river valleys and rolling hills.

At present we are stock two wines, a red and white.

Plan B Riesling OD

The OD, in this case, stands, not for over-dose, but off-dry. This wine is lovely, aromatic and refreshing with a low(ish) alcohol of only 11% abv. The nose is floral, there are lime / citrus and a slight waxy notes. Made in an off-dry style, the wine is fresh, with a hint of sweetness but with good acidity and a sherbety finish. Fresh and zingy – I can just imagine this with a summer salad dining al fresco. Plan B calls this wine their “Manic-Germanic” and the label states “It’s a riot of semi-sweet freshness and citrus-y zing. Serious at the front, but there’s a party going on out the back!”

Plan B Shiraz
Plan B Shiraz is, in fact 90% Shiraz and 10% Tempranillo, a rather quirky blend. This has a fantastic milk chocolate note on the nose with bright red berries and yummy fruit. It spends 14 months in oak and the 10% Tempranillo mainly comes through as a savoury hint at the back end of the ripe and juicy palate. Rich and juicy, and chocolatey. Plan B describes it as “More Stevie Ray than Stevie Wonder”.
Plan B Shiraz BottleMore information at the Plan B Website.

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