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135 East Hyogo Dry Gin is a Japanese gin made at the Kaikyo Distillery. It made from a marriage of Oriental and Western style botanicals. Hyogo is the traditional sake brewing capital of Japan, known for the best sake rice and pure water.

Kaikyo Distillery is based at the historic Akashi Sake Brewery whose Sake is well known via their Akashi-Tai brand and who have also just begun releasing Japanese whisky under the Hatozaki brand (there is currently a Blended Whisky and a Pure Malt Whisky). The Yonezawa family have been brewing Sake since 1856 and began distilling in 1917 and the company was acquired in 2016 by Mossburn Distillers & Blenders, a new independent Scotch Whisky company. 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin is the most recent addition to the their portfolio. The gin is named after the 135th Meridian East at 135 east longtitude which runs past the distillery in Akashi City.

135 East Hyogo Dry Gin is made from a distilled sake base with Juniper, Angelica, Coriander, Cedar, Yuzu, Shiso Leaf, Chrysanthemum and Sansho Pepper botanicals.

Decidely a fusion of East and West: Japanese aromas and flavours with a London Dry Style.


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