Amarula Fruit Cream, South Africa 17% 70cl

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Amarula Fruit Cream is a South African cream liqueur made from the wild marula fruit. Think South African Bailey’s. Double distilled and oak-matured, its exotic and nuanced taste tells the story of Amarula’s two-year journey: ripe marula fruit is hand picked, kernels and skin are removed, marula flesh is fermented in a similar way to winemaking, it is distilled in column stills, young liqueur is matured in oak casks and, finally, the the marula liqueur is blended with fresh cream. The result is a rich, soft and sensuous liqueur that teases the taste buds with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, citrus and exotic spice. The Marula tree is one of Africa’s botanical treasures. A deciduous tree, it can grow up to 18m tall and is found mainly in the warm, frost-free regions of sub-equatorial Africa on sandy loam soils. The history of the Marula tree goes back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows the Marula tree was a source of nutrition as long ago as 10,000 years B.C. The Marula tree holds a position of importance both in the animal kingdom and in human legend and ritual. The trees themselves cannot be cultivated, and so the fruit must be harvested in the wild, where it stands ripening under the African sun. Because of the Marula tree’s association with elephants, the distiller. Distell, has made them its symbol and supports elephant conservation efforts. Amarula Fruit Cream has made available more than R3-million over a five year period for the Amarula Elephant Research Programme, based in the School of Biological and Conservation Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.


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