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Angostura Bitters or Angostura Aromatic Bitters, to give it its full name, is an alcoholic bitters, made to a secret recipe in Trinidad and Tobago. The exact recipe is a secret and it is said to be known fully by only 5 people at any one time.

Angostura Bitters was first formulated by Dr J G B Siegert in 1824 at his medical practice in the town of Angostura in Venezuela. By 1875 Angostura Bitters had moved to Port of Spain, Trinidad, where it was run by Siegert’s sons Carlos, Alfredo and Luis and was being sold internationally. Over the years Angostura has been appointed purveyors of aromatics bitters to the King of Prussia, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King George V and more recently Queen Elizabeth II. Today the company is owned mainly by the CL Financial Group.

Angostura aromatic bitters remains the quintessential & definitive ingredient for classic & contemporary cocktails. It is an essential ingredient in all sorts of cocktails including the Pink Gin, Manhattan, Mai Tai and Old Fashioned. As the Angostura Bitters says, “a cocktail cabinet without Angostura Bitters is like a kitchen without salt or pepper.” Not only is this essential in cocktails, it is also a vital seasoning ingredient and adds extra dimension to chicken or seafood dishes amongst others.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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