Aviation Gin, American Gin Batch Distilled 42% 70cl

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Aviation Gin is an American gin that resulted from the unique partnership between Lee Medoff and Christian Krogstad of House Spirits Distilling in Portland, OR and mixologist Ryan Magarian of Liquid Kitchen in Seattle, WA. Believed to the first collaboration of its kind, Aviation Gin evolved from a friendship and mutual passion for the culinary artistry found within the realm of spirits and cocktails.

Aviation Gin is made in the full bodied Dutch Style of days gone by with a  precise blend of botanicals, sourced from around the world – cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel. The botanicals are placed in nylon sacks and suspended in a pure, neutral grain spirit for 18 hours in macerating tanks. The spirit is then distilled in a stainless steel still which takes the better part of a day to complete. Over the course of the first few hours the all important “heart cut” is made, taking away only the finest “juice” each batch distillation has to offer. The gin is then let down to 42% with super pure water and the result is a full gin with a weighty mouth feel, rich earthy flavour, and cool finish. Each small batch is distilled in batches of just 100 cases at the House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon by master distiller Christian Krogstad and Andrew Tice.

Aviation shines both on it’s own, and in one of the many vintage gin cocktails that are, once again, enjoying the insides of Boston Shakers from coast to coast. Presented in a cool looking art deco inspired bottle.

In February 2018 Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds bought a controlling share in the company. As he says on the Aviation Gin website “I’ve tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don’t recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one.” – Ryan Reynolds, Owner, Aviation American Gin


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