Baron de Lustrac 1980 Vintage Armagnac 70cl


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Baron de Lustrac 1980 Vintage Armagnac will be 40 years old in 2020 and would make a super 40th birthday present for anyone born in 1980. It would also be an an excellent anniversary gift for anyone celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Armagnac is claimed to be the oldest spirit in the world it has been recorded as being distilled and appreciated since 1411 and, in former times, was even used for medicinal purposes Armagnac is also a region, part of the southwest of France and is divided into three “sous-appellations” : Bas-Armagnac, Ténarèze and Haut-Armagnac. Armagnac, along with its more illustrious relative Cognac, are the two most famous of French Brandies.

Baron de Lustrac is a small Armagnac brand known as an “éleveur-negociant” or “merchant-producer”. As an éleveur-negociant, Baron de Lustrac work with a small number producers and growers (20 ) throughout the Armagnac region. The producers will age the Armagnac in oak barrels in their own cellars but Baron de Lustrac are responsible for monitoring the ageing of the eau de vie, blending and bottling the final product. Thus Lustrac have a huge amount of control over the final product. All their Armagnacs, like this Baron de Lustrac 1980 Vintage Armagnac, are bottled at their bottling cellar in Nogaro.

Once distilled the crystal-clear, colourless spirit is aged in 420 litre oak barrels made from Limousin or Monlezun oak from Gers. It is here, in the barrel, that the Armagnac leaches vanillins and tannins from the toasted oak which lend the spirit colour and flavour. The depth of colour and complexity of flavour increase all the time the spirit is aged in cask ranging from pale straw through to rich amber. It takes about 10 years in barrel for the true quality of Armagnac emerge. It is at this point that all the balance, complexity and roundness one expects from a quality spirit begins to come through. As it aged for even longer periods the Armagnac becomes darker in colour and softer, smoother and more elegant on the palate whilst aromas and flavours of prunes, violets, fig, honey, butterscotch and rancio develop. Part of the alcohol evaporates naturally during the long years in cask – this is known as “la part des anges” (the angel’s share).

Baron de Lustrac 1980 Vintage Armagnac is presented in an old-fashioned Armagnac bottle and wooden gift box. These rare vintage Armagnacs are available in strictly limited quantities.

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