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Benedictine Liqueur is a Monastic style herbal liqueur createdin 1882 by Alex Le Grand in France in the 19th Century. It was alleged that the recipe was created by monks in the Benedictine Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy but, in fact, it was created by Alexandre Le Grande himself and a local chemist – the story was concocted to increase sales. The recipe for Benedictine liqueur is a secret (known to only three people at one time, a bit like the recipe for Green and Yellow Chartreuse). Each bottle of Benedictine liqueur has the initials DOM on the label, this is an abbreviation for “Deo Optimo Maximo” (“To God, most good, most great”). This abbreviation is commonly used at the beginning of documents of the Benedictine Order as a short dedication of the work. Benedictine Liqueur is based on brandy and neutral spirit and flavoured with 56 different herbs and spices with saffron to give the amber hue. Some of the herbs and spices have been used since the biblical times and many still have a place in folk remedies. The origin of these plants is like a journey around the world: from Greece to Africa, to Indonesia, India and so much more. These herbs are used in four different preparations, three using distillations and one maceration, all aged independently before blending and further aging.


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