Bittered Sling Aromatic Bitters Gift Set 6 x 3cl


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Bittered Sling Aromatic Bitters Gift Set containing 6 x 3cl bottles of bitters.

Bittered Sling is a collaboration between bartender and sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek who have a combines 30 years experience in the food and drinks industries. Lauren started producing bitters in 2008 and has now created 43 different flavours of bitters. She was joined by her partner chef Jonathan Chovancek in 2010.

These top quality, small batch bitters are produced in British Columbia, Canada and are made with local and imported high-quality herbs, fruits and spices and are all made from just alcohol, water and natural flavourings. Bitters are an essential tool of any bartender and are excellent for flavouring not only cocktails but also in savoury and sweet culinary creations.

This is their Global Flavours 1.0 Pack and contains one of each of the following

Grapefruit & Hops Bitters – notes of bright grapefruit peels, multi-dimensional hop flowers, Asian peppercorns and bitter cinchona bark. Perfect with white spirits, blended Scotch and Irish whiskies, Vermouth, beer and cider, sparkling water and wine.

Lem Marrakech Bitters – notes of lemon peels, Moroccan spices and bitter cinchona bark. Perfect with white spirits, oak matured spirits, fresh herbs, Vermouth, beer and cider, sparkling water and wine.

Plum & Rootbeer Bitters – notes of barks and roots, warm spices, prune plums and an overall balanced richness. Great with Cognac and brandy, whiskies, tequila and mezcal, oak-matured spirits, Chartreuse and bitter liqueurs, tiki cocktails, sherry and vermouth and hot chocolate.

Moondog Latin Bitters – notes of dried aromatic chilis, lime leave, oregano and smoked pepper. Great with whiskies, rum, tequila and mezcals. Great in a Manhattan cocktail or whisky sour.

Malagasy Chocolate Bitters – notes of earthy cacao beans, lavender and oak barrel, all spice, chicory and citrus peel, and cigars. Good with Cognac and Brandy, whiskies, tequila, mezcal, oak aged spirits, bitter liqueurs (Amaro), sherry and Vermouths.

Kensington Aromatic Bitters – notes of barks, roots, spices and herbs, the multi-tool of the collection – good for all sorts of jobs. Use as you would any aromatic bitters (chuck out your old bottle of Angostura Bitters!) in Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour or Manhattan cocktails.

Each bottle contains 3cl. All bitters are 40% abv.


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