Bittered Sling Plum and Rootbeer Aromatic Bitters 12cl 40%


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Bittered Sling Plum and Rootbeer Aromatic Bitters presented in a 12cl bottle with an eye dropper dispenser.

Bittered Sling is a collaboration between bartender and sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek who have a combines 30 years experience in the food and drinks industries. Lauren started producing bitters in 2008 and has now created 43 different flavours of bitters. She was joined by her partner chef Jonathan Chovancek in 2010.

These top quality, small batch bitters are produced in British Columbia, Canada and are made with local and imported high-quality herbs, fruits and spices and are all made from just alcohol, water and natural flavourings. Bitters are an essential tool of any bartender and are excellent for flavouring not only cocktails but also in savoury and sweet culinary creations.

From Bittered Sling, Bittered Sling Plum and Rootbeer Aromatic Bitters is “Ayurvedic blend of barks and roots, with an inherently “hot” palate of warm spices, the Plum & Rootbeer bitters is among one of our best sellers. Bringing out the sweet and savoury notes of ingredients its paired with, even the simple execution of an old fashioned, a Mai Tai or a Tom Collins benefit from this aromatic bitters. A touch of prune plums round out the palate, and help give the bitters its balanced richness. The plums are proudly grown and harvested in BC.”

Also available as part of the Bittered Sling Bitters Gift Set.



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