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Blackback Mountain Strength Vodka 46% is a small batch vodka, made by the Gorilla Spirits Co.

The owner and founder is Andy Daniels who spent four years building up to the first release of Silverback Gin in December 2015. The distillery was located in Four Marks near Alton but, in late summer 2018, the distillery relocated to the village of Upton Grey situated to the south east of Basingstoke, Hampshire. Blackback Mountain Strength Vodka is made from 100% British grain and handcrafted in Gorilla Spirits’ digitally controlled pot still in small batches to produce a wonderfully smooth and luxurious vodka. A slow distillation allows plenty of interaction between the alcohol vapours and the copper.  This is what gives it such an incredible character.

For every bottle of Silverback Mountain Strength Gin sold in the UK, depending on the strength, approximately £15 goes straight to the HMRC, frightening isn’t it? Gorilla Spirits also add GAT (Gorilla Added Tax) and for every bottle of Silverback Gin sold £1 goes directly to The Gorilla Foundation who are working to save the last remaining gorillas from extinction.

The new Blackback Mountain Strength Vodka is made from 100%  consumer recycled glass.

Serve With

Perfect in an Expresso Martini. Drink it neat, straight from the fridge or from the freezer.

Tasting Notes

Blackback Mountain Strength Vodka has silky mouthfeel and creamy texture with notes of warm spice and a long, delicately sweet finish.


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