Botran Cobre Spiced Rum 45%


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Botran Cobre Spiced Rum is a premium spiced rum first released in the UK in 2018. It a Guatemalan rum aged in a solera system, flavoured with fours spices and bottled unfiltered.

Botran have been producing rum in Guatemala for over 60 years. The Spanish Botran family had orginally come frmo Burgos in Spain and bought with them their knowledge of solera system ageing, most famously used in Sherry and Brandy de Jerez production. Guatemala is ideally located between North and South America, flanked by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans with volcanic enriched soil and an ideal climate for growing sugar cane, the raw material of Botran Premium rums. The sugar cane is grown and harvested on their estate in Southern Guatemala where it is also distilled. Botran rums are produced from “virgin sugar cane honey” and distilled in copper column stills. Only 3% of the world’s rums are made with virgin sugar cane honey.

After distillation the rums are moved to high altitude. The rums are then aged in a solera system using a combination of fresh and charred barrels that have previously contained American whiskey, sherry or port. This fractional ageing process means the young and old rums are gently blended into something that is more than the sum of its parts. Botran is the located in the mountains at 230 metres above sea level and the rums of Guatemala are distinguished by their unique, high-altitude ageing process in the highlands. The altitude and cooler temperature restrict evaporation so the rums may adopt their individual taste profiles. Making “high-rum” in this way is a unique art from that has been carefully conserved and enriched over the years.

Botran Cobre Spiced Rum is inspired by the Guatemalan drink called “Ponche” (or punch). Ponche is typically drunk during the holidays and would consist of rum mulled with spices and dried fruits. The rum used in Botran Cobre are a combination of rums up to 20 years old whilst the spices (or for the gin drinkers out there, botanicals) in Botran Cobre are Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon and Cardomom. These are all expressed in the final spiced rum which also has vanilla oak character from the oak ageing of the solera process. Bottled at 45% abv.

Drink neat or over ice.


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