Briottet Curacao Bleu (Orange Liqueur) 25% 70cl


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Briottet Curacao Bleu a.k.a. Blue Curacao is an orange flavoured liqueur with a rather exotic, funky bright blue colour.

Blue Curacao is a drink of legend, the blue liquid one always finds at the back of drinks cabinet. The one that no-one knows what to do with and certainly not one you want to mix up with Orange Curacao or Triple Sec Curacao in cocktails or recipes, unless you are looking for that particular blue colour. Be warned it can go very sludgy in colour if you don’t have the right recipe.

Maison Briottet maintains a very high level of quality. It is the selection of the ripest fruit from the most suitable cultivars that provides for the finest flavours; therefore contracting the right growers to produce the correct fruit is the first step on the ladder. Subsequently, properly observed maceration with very pure neutral alcohol, and blending with the correct proportion of sugars to achieve the balance between fruit flavour, sweetness, acidity and alcohol create these excellent crèmes and liqueurs.

Briottet Blue Curacao, like its Curacao cousins mentioned above, is made by double distillation of dried peel of bitter oranges grown on the island of Curacao. The oranges are of the small bitter Lahara variety. The resulting clear liquid is sweetened and an artificial colour, in this case Brilliant Blue FCF, is added. This brilliant blue colour makes it a very unusual cocktail ingredient and it is an essential for all sorts of blue cocktails. 

Cocktail Ideas

Cocktail suggestions from Briottet:

“Blue Lagoon”: 4 cl of vodka, 3 cl of Briottet Blue Curacao, and 2 cl of lemon juice.

“Blue Hawaii”: 4 cl of Briottet White Rum, 2 cl of Briottet Blue Curacao, 8 cl of pineapple juice, and 4 cl of coconut milk.


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