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Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne is a pomace brandy, that is a brandy made from the leftovers from the winemaking (grape skins, pips and any flesh) in Burgundy. It is bottled as an AOC (“Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”) Marc de Bourgogne which was first created in 1942.

Maison Briottet is a family business, founded in 1836, and has been run by the 6th generation of the Briottet family, Claire and Vincent, since 2014. The Maison is located in the centre of the town of Dijon in the Burgundy wine-growing region. Originally, the family were negociants of Burgundy wine, involved with ageing, blending, bottling and selling the wines. Following the development, and massive popularity of the Blanc Cassis Aperitif (white wine with Crème de Cassis also known as a Kir), in the 1900s, the company progressively focused its activities on producing fruit crèmes, liquors, brandies and Marcs de Bourgogne.

Most wine-making regions and countries make a brandy of this type, the most famous would probably have to be Grappa from Italy. In France other well-known Marcs include Marc de Champagne and Marc d’Alsace which are made in a similar way.

The pomace for Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne iss sourced from the prestigious Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune wine-growing areas. It is destalked and subsequently fermented. Whilst not lacking in aromatic qualities the results tend to be bigger, richer, rounder and fatter than other pomace brandies (Marc de Champagne, Marc d’Alsace). 

The minium ageing for Marc is 2 years, and Tres Vieux Marc must be matured in barrel for at least 6 years (and Hors d’Age at least 10 years). This long ageing period produces a relatively smooth, soft brandy, much more elegant than younger Marcs. The result is a good roundness and typical taste of the terroir.

Did you know that the rather excellent French cheese Epoisses is made by washing the rind in Marc de Bourgogne?

Tasting Notes

Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne is a rich golden amber colour. The nose is refined, aromatic and complex with nuances of caramel, candied fruit, spice, oak and a hint of grapiness. The palate is full and has herbaceous with more spicy notes and a good, long, warming finish.

To Serve

Marc de Bourgogne is traditionally served as a digestif at the end of a meal. It is also interesting to match woth food, try with wild boar, salami or cheeses from the region., like Epoisses.

Locally it is served with cassis. The Burgundian style is to serve it mixed 1 part Marc to 4 pars Dijon Creme de Cassis.


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