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Bumbu The Original Rum is a fantastic rum spirit flavoured with natural flavourings. It is distilled, blended and bottled in Barbados by the Bumbu Rum Company. It is now bottled at 40% ABV, where it was once 35%. The company also makes a Cream Rum and an XO Rum.

Bumbu The Original Rum is blend of sugarcane from various countries in the West Indies and South America. Sugarcane from different regions contribute different characteristics to the rums they produce. For example, sugarcane from Barbados offers hints of vanilla and banana, whilst sugarcane from Honduras offers orange and cinnamon notes. The strain of yeast in use at the distillery dates back to 1840. The rum is distilled in small batches in two continuous stills and the rum is aged in the best grade Kentucky Boubon Whiskey Barrels (once-used) prior to blending by hand. The rum is then spiced – the native spices are 100% natural and there are no artificial colourings or flavourings added.

Although it does not mention the name of the distillery where Bumbu Rum is made on the bottles, it does mention that the distillery was established in 1893 – a quick internet search tell you it is the West Indies Rum Distillery. One of the key ingredients for rum is water and the island of Barbados is composed of coral rougly 90 metres thick. Therefore the ground water is very pure as it is forced through the natural limestone. This is said to be why Bumbu has a natural lightness and smoothness. Distilleries elsewhere have to filter their water first. The rum is distilled using two continuous stills. The yeast used during fermentation is a distillery secret that dates back as far as 1840, when some of our original iron pot stills were cast.

Bumbu The Original Rumis a revival of an original recipe for Bumbu, a spiced grog, which was created by the sailors of the West Indies in the 16th and 17th centuries. They would blend native Caribbean spices and flavouring (fruits, barks etc) into their rums to make the drink more lively and enjoyable.

Tasting Notes

Think cinnamon, vanilla, banana and banoffee pie.


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