Calvados Dupont 1980 Vintage, Pays D’Auge 42% 70cl


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Calvados Dupont 1980 Vintage was distilled in 1980 and was been aged in oak vat and toasted 400 litre oak barrel since then. 

Calvados Dupont is situated in the heart of the Pays d’Auge Calvados in the commune of Victot-Pontfol. The Pays d’Auge region has become known for the extra finesse and delicacy of the Calvados partly because it only permits the use of apples and insists on double pot distillation.

Etienne Dupont, who took over from his father in 1980, has worked hard to improve both the old orchards and the distillation methods. The 30 hectare estate comprised orchards which combine small standard trees as well as older taller trees. Apple varieties such as Saint Martin, Doux Normandie and Noël des Champs are specially cultivated to provide the maximum aromatic qualities from their small fruits. Domaine Dupont use three types of apples in a set formula: 30% sweet, 30% bitter and 40% are apples with high acidity, this gives the correct balance of flavour. All the apples are cropped manually and stored in open wooden crates to allow them to rest and mature for up to a month before fermentation.

To perfect his distilling techniques, Etienne went to Cognac and studied their methods. This, combined with the knowledge he inherited, produce a spirit that represents the flavour and ripeness of the apple alongside the mellowness and warmth of a well-aged spirit. He also experiments with ageing in different size casks and oak types to ensure that the flavour extracted through distillation is further enhanced during maceration. Etienne Dupont was responsible for the creation of the appellation contrôlée A.O.C. Pays d’Auge. Dupont is one of the very best producers of the region.

Dupont is one of the very best producers of the region and the Calvados Dupont 1980 Vintage would be a great birthday present for anyone born in 1980. Bottles unfiltered and without being cold stabilized.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Colour golden orange.

Nose: Gentle and subtle. Complex and well formed, citrus and apple.

Palate: Sweet and fruit forward. Aromas of citrus, cooked apple, dried fruits, toast.


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