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Casa Noble Reposado Tequila is a single estate, aged tequila. It is aged for 364 days in French white oak barrels. Most other Reposados are aged for four to six months.

Casa Noble Tequila was founded in 1997 by Maestro Tequilero Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, David Ravandi and Carlos Hernandez with the aim of producing elegant, premium Tequila. Casa Noble had existed in various forms since the 1700s and Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo’s family had been producing Tequila for seven generations, so there is plenty of Tequila heritage to draw upon. Investment from Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana in 2011 coupled with the 2010s Tequila boom and Casa Noble became a serious brand for Tequila lovers. The brand was eventually bought by Constellation Brands in 2014 where it now sits alongside illustrious stablemates The Real McCoy Rum and High West Whiskey.

The company farms some 3000 acres of agave fields located on the hills around the city of Tequila in the region of Jalisco. The fields are located principally on slopes and hillsides, which stresses the plant, and the company believes produces a more complex tasting agave plant. The rich, volcanic soils here are also said to produce the finest Blue Weber Agave cacti.

Mature agave planted are hand harvested, by jimadors, when they are 10 years old. Their hard cores (the piñas or “pineapples”) are then slowly steam cooked in stone ovens for an extra-long period of 36 hours which produces deeper, sweeter, slightly smoky and much more complex flavours than other brands. This cooking process converts complex carbohydrates to fermentable sugars. The pinas are then, shredded, gently pressed in a screw mill and the sweet juice (mosto) is fermented with native yeasts in stainless steel vats for 5 days. After fermentation the mosto is then distilled three times. Most Tequila is only distilled twice. This is said to produce the cleanest, high quality and smoothest spirit.

Another difference at Casa Noble is that their aged Tequilas are aged in new, lightly charred French oak barrels. Most Tequila is aged in second fill heavily charred ex Bourbon barrels but Hermosillo believes these overpower the character and nuances of their fine spirit.

Casa Noble Reposado Tequila is certified organic by the USDA and was the first Tequila distillery certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) – no fertilizers or chemicals in the cultivation of its blue agave or in the distilling process. The annual production is around 150,000 litres.


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