Casar de Burbia Hombros DO Bierzo 100% Mencia, Bodegas del Burbia

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Casar de Burbia is a winery located in the historical region DO Bierzo. The Bierzo wine region is situated in the northwest of Spain. It is a mountainous landscape crossed by the pilgrimage road of “Santiago de Compostela” which pilgrims call “the Spanish Switzerland”. The extreme mountain setting, with the local climate and soil, make Bierzo one of the most splendid regions in the world for wine making. The centuries old vineyards situated on the hillsides of Valtuille de Arriba are south-facing and at altitudes of over 700 metres. The high altitude allows for a wider variation in temperature between night and day and a good wind flow allows the grape clusters to dry out well after any rain. The predominant grape variety grown here is Mencia, but there are also small parcels of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo and Petit Verdot. Casar de Burbia Hombros is made from hand-selected grapes from the “Hombros” or the shoulders of the grape clusters as this is the area where the grapes get the most exposure to the sun and therefore should be the ripest and best grapes. This 100% Mencia is aged 9 months in French and American oak.


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