Champagne Forget Brimont Millesime 2008 1er Cru

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Champagne Forget Brimont Millesime 2008 1er Cru is the house’s Vintage Champagne. This cuvee prestige is made from grapes sourced from only 1er cru rated Champagne vineyards.

Champagne Forget Brimont is a small producer of Champagne located in Craon de Ludes. 6th Generation Champenoise Michel Forget is the current owner and winemaker and the estate can trace it roots back to the early nineteenth century when his ancestor, Louis, first created vineyards in the area. The Champagne Forget Brimont brand was established in 1920 by another relative, Eugène. The company owns 15 hectares of vineyards in the Montage de Reims with Grand Cru vineyards at Mailly Champagne and Verzenay, and Premier Cru vineyards at Chigny-Les-Roses, Ludes and Villers-Allerand. Pinot Noir is the most predominantly planted grape variety. Approximately 280,000 bottles of Champagne are produced in a normal vintage and around 55% is destined for export markets. Forget Brimont’s Cellars are dug out of the chalky soils (that Champagne is famous for) to a depth of 15 metres. This means that the cellars are at a constant temperature of 10.5 degrees centigrade in both summer and winter – the optimum ageing conditions for Champagne. The non-vintage Champagnes are a blend of three different vintages of wine (allowing them to maintain a house style) and are aged a minimum of two years prior to release.

Champagne Forget Brimont’s vintage Champagnes are aged between three and ten years prior to release, this ensures that the Champagnes arrive at perfect maturity for immediate drinking, although they can be cellared for longer if required. Although Champagne Forget Brimont own their own vineyards, they also buy grapes in to make wine so they are classed a NM (Négociant Manipulant) producer of Champagne. The Champagne Forget Brimont Millesime 2007 1er Cru is a blend of Têtes de Cuvée (the best wines from the vintage), 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, that has been aged for at least 8 years in Brimont’s cellars with an additional two months after dosage before they are shipped.

The dosage for for Brimont’s Vintage Champage is usually between 6 and 7 g/L.

Tasting Notes

Luminous golden colour. Fine discrete bubbles, superb cordon. Complex nose with aromas of stewed fruit and mushrooms. Initial impression of Pinot Noir with balance provided by Chardonnay. Flavours of brioche and toasted bread with an undercurrent of dried fruits (hazelnuts, almonds). A mature round wine with a silky finish combining hints of candied fruit and vanilla.

Food Pairing

Perfect with foie gras on brioche toast, a poulet de Bresse (specialty poultry) with truffles or veal sweetbreads with morels.


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