M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche

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M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche is a red Rhone wine made from 100% Syrah grapes sourced from hillside vineyards in the Northern Rhone.

Maison Chapoutier has grown into one of the largest and most recognisable producers of Rhone wines. The company dates back to 1808 when Michel Chapoutier’s distant ancestrt Polydor Chapoutier bought a parcel of vines in the Rhone Valley. Today the Chapoutier has vineyard throughout the Rhone from Côte Rôtie in the north to Luberon in the south as well as having overseas projecs like Domaine Tournon in Victoria, Australia. Michel is committed to making the best wines whilst respecting the environment. Chapoutier now owns the largest biodynamic vineyard in Europe. It is his personal conviction that “the complexity in a wine comes from the level of microbiological activity around the vine roots”. Soils on the Chapoutier estate never see pesticides or herbicides, floral growth amongst the vines is essential, and the natural cycles of earth, sun and moon are also considered.

M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche is made from Syrah grapes grown on high terraces made up of glacial alluvium which is dominated by rounded pebbles, stones and gravel. After hand-harvesting it is vinified in cement tanks, there is a daily pumping over of the cap and fermentation lasts 10 to 12 days. After maturing in vats the wine is bottles in the autumn following the harvest so to preserve the natural fruits bouquet as much as possible.

As with all Chapoutier’s wines, this wine features braille on the label.


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