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Chase Original Potato Vodka is an English potato vodka distilled and bottled at the Chase Distillery located on at Rosamunde Farm some 30 miles north west of Cheltenham in Herefordshire.

Chase was founded by William Chase, the owner and founder of Tyrrells crisps in 2008. The first spirit to come off the stills was in April 2008. The family are proud to be in control of their entire production process, “from field to glass”, meaning that not only do they distil their own spirit but they also grow and harvest all their own potatoes (King Edwards, Lady Claire and Maris Piper) and apples destined for distillation. This means that, ultimately, they have control of the whole production process. They are also one of only a handful of producers to make their own gins from a proper vodka base (most other gin is made from a bought in neutral grain spirit).

Chase Original Potato Vodka is made in a unique, hand-crafted copper batch pot still (nicknamed Fat Betty) which allows much more control over the distillation process than larger, industrial operations have. Chase Distillery only uses traditional artisan methods using bespoke copper batch pot and a unique 70 foot rectification column (tallest in Europe) to give really pure vodka that is beautifully smooth and has a naturally sweet and creamy taste.

The distillation process is essentially a method of concentration the alcoholic content which is possible due to the differing boiling points of water and alcohol. Chase Original Potato Vodka is distilled five times. After the first distillation run only the heart of the distillation is used to achieve a pure, clean spirit but with retaining as much character in the finished Vodka as possible. The water used to finish Chase Vodka is source from an borehole into an aquifer beneath an orchard on the Chase farm. Bottled by hand.

Being made from Potatoes, Chase Original Potato Vodka  is a naturally gluten free vodka. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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