Chateau d’Aydie Madiran Ode d’Aydie

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Chateau d’Aydie Madiran Ode d’Aydie is a red wine from the South West of France. It is made from 100% Tannat grapes in the heart of the Madiran wine-growing region.

Chateau d’Aydie is has been owned by four generations of the Laplace family since 1927 when vineyard were established by Frederic Laplace. They produce both red wine, Madiran, and white wine from the area, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, although they are still best known for their red wines. Initially the wine produced at the estate was a type of Mistelle, a red wine fortified with brandy, a forerunner of the Maydie that is produced today. The first Madiran table wine was produced in 1975 and Chateau d’Aydie itself was acquired in 1982.

Chateau d’Aydie is situated at Aydie in department of Pyrenees Atlantiques. There are some 58 hectares of vineyards. The maritime influenced climate and nearby Pyrenees mean winter and spring are both temperate and wet, with a warm summer and a very sunny autumn.
These climatic conditions together with the widely diverse terroirs allow Chateau d’Aydie develop wines with characteristics richly typical of the region.

The grapes for the Chateau d’Aydie Madiran Ode d’Aydie  come from vines that are on average 20 years old. There are two terroirs, the clayey-calcareous Terroir de Saint Lanne and the clayey with a rounded pebbles Terroir de Moncaup. The Tannat grapes are harvested by hand. Each plot is vinified separately. There is a period of cold pre-fermentation maceration (10 to 12°C) for 3 to 5 days in wooden tanks. Long maceration for 30 days. The grapes undergo vinification at 25°C with pumping over for optimum extraction. The wine is allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation and is finally aged in oak tuns and wooden tanks (for 12 to 15 months). Bottling after aging for 20 months.

UK research published in 2006 has identified the naturally occurring antioxidant compound in red wine responsible for the reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease and the lowering of overall mortality in regular, moderate consumers of red wine. The research also identified that Madiran wines have rarely occurring extremely high concentrations of those antioxidant compounds. Read more about this in Roger Corder’s best-selling book, The Red Wine Diet.

Serve With

Chateau dAydie Madiran Ode d’Aydie is a perfect match for red meat, duck and game. Try with hearty stwes or casseroles and sausages.

Tasting Notes

Chateau dAydie Madiran Ode d’Aydie is a deep, intense red colour. Elegant on the nose, with aromas of black fruits (blueberry and blackberry) dominating the hint of spice. A remarkable fullness on the palate, with tannic chewiness and unexpected roundness. The long finish has vanilla delicacy. A delightful wine, both powerful and elegant. It can easily be kept for 8 to 10 years.


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