Clos Martin 1989 Vintage Armagnac 40%

Clos Martin 1989 Vintage Armagnac 40%


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Clos Martin 1989 Vintage Armagnac is a single vintage, single grape variety Armagnac. It is made using only Folle Blanche grapes harvested in 1989. It is bottled as an Appellation Armagnac Controlee.

Clos Martin Armagnac is produced by M&T, near Nogaro, in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac. M&T owns and manages a group of domaines that produce Armagnac in the Landes and Gers departments of France. Pruduction is overseen by cellar master |Jose barbe. The traditional stills used by Clos Martin’s domaines are very small and allow a lot of the heavy, congener and fusel-rich vapours to pass over with the heart of the distillate. Therefore Clos Martin’s Armagnacs always have a rich, earthy character and are fine, flavoursome and well-balanced.

After about 10 years in barrel, the true quality of Armagnac produced from a continuous still emerges; it is at this point that all the balance, complexity and roundness one expects from a quality spirit begins to come through. M&T keep different vintage and varietal distillates separate allowing for the possibility of not only vintage-dated Armagnac but also varietal vintage Armagnac. Folle Blanche has excellent levels of acidity and aromatics that are perfect for distillation and this, combined with M&T’s low distillation strength, allows for rich and piquant spirits with great perfume. These spirits are aged unblended from year to year, and so are always bottled as single vintages that exceed the age statement on the label.

Clos Martin 1989 Vintage Armagnac has been distilled from wines made exclusively from the Folle Blanche grape which is well know for lending delicacy and spiciness to the aroma and flavour of the Armagnac. This bottling comes from a single cask from a single estate, “Domaine de Courros”. The distillation was carried out by Monsieur Ponsola, one of the region’s professional distillers. The new distillate was transferred to casks made from the local oaks grown on the estate.


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