Cognac Leyrat VSOP Reserve Fins Bois 40% 70cl


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Cognac Leyrat VSOP Reserve is a blend of Cognacs from the Fin Bois region. VSOP or Very Superior Old Pale designates a blend in which the youngest brandy is aged for a minimum of four years in oak cask. Many small producers age their Cognac in excess of the minimum requirements.

Leyrat Cognac is a single estate Cognac made at Domaine de Chez Maillard in the Fin Bois region of Cognac. It is an exceptional site producing outstanding cognacs. The vineyards have excellent chalky soils and receive above average sun due to their superb aspects; in short, the vineyards offer the perfect terroir to produce this distinct cognac. For the past five years, owner Francis Abécassis (he also owns Cognac Le Reviseur in Petit Champagne) has awakened the world to quality Fins Bois cognacs produced on his 53 hectare estate. He has not only renovated the entire estate and its vineyards, added modern stainless steel fermenting tanks and new ageing cellars but he has also ensured that the distillation is supervised by an award-winning distiller. Additionally, he has disposed of all cognacs not regarded as having the required typicity and invested in new oak – sound investments for the future of the estate’s cognacs, which have already begun to win medals and plaudits around the world.

Leyrat Cognacs are distilled in a 2500 litre still which is manually operated with the distiller deciding the cut. The cognac is aged in new casks for only 6-12 months whilst (at Le Reviseur they receive more than a year before being moved). Both estates carry out a triple ageing process, first in new oak, followed by casks of between 4-12 years of age and then in older or ‘exhausted’ casks to finish their ageing.

Serve Cognac Leyrat VSOP Reserve neat in a large brandy glass.

Tasting Notes

Cognac Leyrat VSOP Reserve has a golden yellow colour. In the traditional style of the Leyrat range, this VSOP displays elegance with the association of white-fleshed fruits, flowers and a little spice. The heart of the range with a suppleness and harmony of sweet flavours with a touch of wood notes. The finish brings notes of new oak and spices.


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