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Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin was first launched in late 2018 along with another new releases, the Conker Spirit Port Barrel Gin. Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin is a bold and hearty gin bottled at 57% ABV and is a tribute to the fearless men and women of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). For each bottle sold £5.00 is donated to the RNLI.

The Conker Spirit Distillery, which is located in an old Victorian laundry, in Southbourne, Bournemouth was founded in 2014 when “Head Conkerer”, and ex chartered surveyor, Rupert Holloway went into production. It was Dorset’s first gin distillery. Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin is made from a base spirit made from British wheat, botanicals and pure, New Forest Water. It is a small, hand-crafted production.

To produce Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin, the base spirit is re-distilled in the presence of nine botanicals in a small Alembic pot still. The botanicals are juniper from Italy, coriander seeds from Sussex, angelica root from Belgium, orris root, cassia bark from Indonesia, bitter orange peel, fresh lime peel, marsh samphire from the Dorset coastline and elderberries from Bulgaria. After re-distillation with the botanicals, the gin is left to sit for 2 weeks, this period allows the gin to mellow prior to the addition of natural New Forest Spring water to bring the ABV down to 57% for bottling.

Why is it called Navy Strength Gin? In the eighteenth century all Royal Naval ships had to carry on board a quantity of 1 00° proof gin. This was measured slightly differently then but this equates to the modern measure of 57% ABV. It was discovered that gunpowder soaked in alcohol with a strength of more than 57% could still be ignited and this became the standard test for Navy Strength or ‘gunpowder proof’ gin, to make sure that supplies had not been watered down.

Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin is good in a gin and tonic, garnished with lime or orange, or  with ginger beer in a Gin Mule Cocktail.

Serve With

Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin is good in a gin and tonic, garnished with lime or orange, or  with ginger beer in a Gin Mule cocktail.

Tasting Notes

From the chaps at Conker:

Aroma: Spirituous beginnings with a bold juniper pine and complex warm spice.

Taste: Upfront juniper pine and a warm savoury spice are paired in equal measure with the herbaceous sweetness of orange and dark-blue fruits of elderberry. Big mouthfeel and oily on the pallet. Complex and meaningful.

Finish: Long and lingering like its Dorset Dry heritage, with a warming heat.


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