Corner Fifty Pink Limoncello 22.5% 50cl

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Corner Fifty Pink Limoncello is the latest release in their distiller’s range of seasonal releases. This is a their take on a limoncello-style liqueur but made pink with the addition of strawberries! Only made in tiny quantities.

The Corner Fifty Three set-up is small, it consists of a small distillery in founder Tom’s parents’ back garden with two, hand-built copper stills Christened Rosie and Angus. The stills are 60 litre split top copper pot still which operate in 8 hours shifts and the lowest possibly temperature to ensure the spirit collected is as smooth as possible. In a hunt to find the most PH stable water for their gin, Corner Fifty Three use Hildon natural mineral water. The pure, clean spring water is high in mineral and contributes to the smoothness of the gin. Everything is crafted by hand in small batches, or as Tom puts it “in ridiculously small batches”.

Corner Fifty Pink Limoncello is made from just a handful of ingredients: organic spirit, fresh lemon peel, lemon juice (210 kilos of lemons were hand processed), sugar and slowly roasted strawberries. This is left to marry together for a couple of months at the distillery before bottling.

Tasting Notes

From C53: “On the nose it’s bright lemon with jammy notes of strawberry. On the pallet it’s packed full of zest and cleansing citrus with a lovely finish of strawberry sweetness.” 

Serve With

Serve on the rocks or straight out of the fridge. Or try in with some sparkling wine.


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