Corner Fifty Three Buttered Rum 37.5% 50cl

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Corner Fifty Three Buttered Rum is a flavoured rum and is part of C53’s Experimental Series. This means that it is not part of their core range but I would not be surprised if it doesn’t become a permanent part of their range. The full name is Corner 53 Buttered Coffee Spiced Rum, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

Corner Fifty Three Distilling (C53) is based in Clanfield, Hampshire just on the edge of the South Downs National Park. It was a project five years in the making and eventually came to fruition in 2016. It was founded by bartender Tom Rudman who, after 4 years of mixology and creating cocktails, set out to make his perfect gin. He is able assisted by his family and friends, designer Richard Cope and sommelier Jamie Williams. There are three gins in the core range: Pomelo, Umami and Cherokee along with occasional limited editions (Lemon Meringue Pie Gin anyone?). The Corner Fifty Three set -up is small, it consists of a small distillery in Tom’s parents’ back garden with two, hand-built copper stills Christened Rosie and Angus. Everything is crafted by hand in small batches, or as Tom puts it “in ridiculously small batches”.

The Corner Fifty Three Buttered Rum begins with a special blend of dark Caribbean rum which is fat washed with butter. This is a process which can be used to add savoury, or in this case, buttery flavours into the spirits. At its simplest butter washing involves adding melted butter to the rum and letting the flavours mingle for a period of time. Then the liquid is chilled or frozen and then the butter can be easily removed whilst leaving some buttery flavours in the rum. After this the butter washed rum is then steeped with Cacao Nibs, Orange Peel, Bourbon Vanilla, Dark Muscavado and blended with our Cold Brew Coffee.

Serve With

Corner Fifty Three Buttered Rum is perfect on it own as a digestif. It could be served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

Tasting Notes

Corner Fifty Three Buttered Rum is a dark orange-y brown colour. The nose is is dominated by spicy, orange notes with hints of mocha. On the palate, dark espresso coffee is the dominating flavour with more spicy, orange character and a creamy lingering finish. Soft and smooth with a good length. It finished sweet, but it is not liqueur sweet.


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