Domaine de Juglaron Floc de Gascogne Blanc 17% 75cl


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Domaine de Juglaron Floc de Gascogne is made in Gascony, South-West France by Armagnac Duffau.

Armagnac Duffau is situated in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac region, which is considered to be the best area for Armagnac prodiction. It is this fantastic brandy that is used to fortify the grape juice to make Floc de Gasgogne. Located in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, the vineyards of Domaine de Juglaron stretch over a plateau overlooking Eauze, the capital of Armagnac. The quality of soil, sandy loam type, allows the owners, Bob and Roland Duffau to produce delicate and fruity a delicate and fruity Armagnac. It is this that is used to fortify the grape juice.

Floc de Gascogne is a “mistelle” and is very similar to Pineau des Charentes from the Cognac region or Macvin from the Jura, except in this case the grape juice and the spirit used to fortify the juice is from the Armagnac region. Floc de Gascogne is produced according to a recipe that has been in use in Gascogne since the 16th century, however, the name “Floc de Gascogne” was only recently coined by Henri Lamor, a winemaker from Cravencères, in 1954. The word “floc” comes from the Occitan language and means bouquet of flowers. It has had Appellation d’origine contrôlée status since 1990 and there are red and white versions.

The grapes grown at Domaine de Juglaron are mainly Colombard, Ugni blanc and Gros Manseng. Fresh juice from these grapes is mixed with Armagnac in a ratio of 2:1, blended and then must be aged for at least 10 months in the cellar and bottled at 16 to 18% ABV for it to be called Floc de Gasgogne.

To Serve

Drink chilled as an apritif.


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