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Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum is a premium Barbados rum. It is a Single Blended Rum formed from a cask blend of 12 year old ex-bourbon cask American white oak matured Rum, and 12 year old ex-Madeira cask matured Rum. 

The Foursquare Distillery, which is located on the gentle southern slopes of the St George Valley in the Parish of St Philip. is owned by the Seale family. Although it occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636 but it is one of the most modern (it was opened in 1996) and efficient rum distilleries in the world. It is designed to be both highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Martin Doorly & Co was one of the old Bridgetown rum bottling companies (founded in the 1920s) which eventually evolved into Doorly’s Macaw Rum, the first bottled rum exported from the island. The Doorly’s Rum brand was acquired by R L Seale in 1993. R L Seale is one of Barbados’ oldest trading houses, a family-owned business whose involvement in rum-making extends from father-to-son since 1820. Current head distiller, Richard Seale, is one of the region’s most innovative distillers and blenders and has a passion for producing perfect rum with great flavour. He is also a leading campaigner for transparency in labelling of rum and additives. Read more about this and the proposed the proposed Gargano / Seale Categorisation of Rum here.

The Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum is a blend of rums, most of which is aged for 12 years in Kentucky Bourbon. There is also a component that is aged in Madeira cask. The rums are blended and allowed to marry together for a period so the rums fully integrate. This rum is a blend of pot still and column still rums, the pot still brings complexity, depth and weight to the blend whilst the column still brings a good balance or aroma and flavour. The proportions of heavy and light marques in the blend can vary and so can the proportions of ex-bourbon cask to ex-madeira cask. 

Doorly’s 12 Year Old Rum, in keeping with the rest of the Doorly’s Macaw Rum range, features the rare Spix’s Macaw (also know as the Little Blue Macaw) which became extinct in the wild. A reintroduction programme has recently begun Brazil.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Packed full of tart dried stone fruits and delicate golden syrup sweetness. Cooked apple, dried pineapple, mango, dates, raisins, and demerara sugar.

Palate: Milk chocolate sweetness onto the palate.  butterscotch and dates.

Finish: Rich vanilla ice cream, and dark chocolate. With a lingering finish of treacle tart full of gentle fresh ginger notes and hints of cloves.

To Serve

Best served neat, perhaps with a fine Cuban cigar.


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