Evan Williams Honey Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur 35% 70cl

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Evan Williams Honey Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur is made by combining extra-aged Evan Williams Bourbon with real, natural honey, taking advantage of both the ongoing success of flavored spirits, whose growth is more than double that of unflavored spirits; and the continued popularity of American Straight Bourbon. Called “very smooth and easygoing” by one reviewer, Evan Williams Honey Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur lives up to its tagline of “All Flavor. No Sting”.

Evan Williams Honey Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur is distilled at the world famous Heaven Hill Distillery in Barstow, Kentucky. Last of the family owned independent bourbon producers. Made with real natural honey, this flavoured spirit is becoming increasingly popular, making great gains in many categories. Evan Williams Honey Reserve is made with honey, pure natural honey, and the same extra-aged Bourbon used to make Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to give it a sweet Bourbon taste.


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