Florio Terre Arse Marsala Vergine 19% 50cl

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Florio Terre Arse is a Marsala Vergine produced by Cantine Florio in Sicily. Marsala is a DOC wine made in the province of Trapani in Sicily. Marsala is without doubt Italy’s most famous fortified wine and was granted DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status in 1969. Unfortunately Marsala wine has perhaps become more well-known as a cooking ingredient in recent years than as a wine for drinking. In fact a lot of Marsala is sold as cooking wine and is an indispensable ingredient in dishes such as  chicken marsala, risotto and veal marsala. It is also used in a variety of Italian desserts including zabaglione and tiramisu.

However producers such as Cantine Florio still make high quality wines for drinking. Florio Terre Arse Marsala Vergine is made using only the finest Grillo grapes with a high sugar ripeness grown along the coast to the north of the town of Marsala, right alongside the “saline”, or salt pans. After being carefully selected, the grapes are pressed. The resulting must is left to ferment. Once the fermentation is completed, a very robust and full-bodied base wine is obtained. The next step is to add grape alcohol to the base wine to increase its alcoholic strength. Vergine wines are then aged in oak casks for at least five years. This is a slightly drier Marsala compared to it’s sister wine, the Florio Targa Superiore Riserva.

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