Foursquare 9 Year Old Port Cask Finish Rum 40% 70cl

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This bottling from Foursquare’s Excecptional Cask Selection has now finished – please check here for current bottlings.

Foursquare 9 Year Old Port Cask Finish Rum is a limited release Bajan Rum. Foursquare Rum is produced by R L Seale, one of Barbados’ oldest trading houses, a family-owned business whose involvement in rum-making extends from father-to-son since 1820. Current head distiller, Richard Seale, is one of the region’s most innovative distillers and blenders and has a passion for producing perfect rum with great flavour. The Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636 and, as one of the most modern and efficient rum distilleries in the world, is designed to be both highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Foursquare rum is made from locally owned and sourced sugar cane converted to molasses, fermented very slowly over 44 hours with South African yeast and then distilled. The rum is a blend of pot still and column still rums. The pot still rum brings complexity and flavour whilst the column still rum add balance and aroma.

Foursquare Port Cask Finish 9 Year Old Barbados Rum is a result of Richard Seale’s experimentation with different cask finishes for his rums. He has previously successful used ex-Sherry cask for the Doorlys XO Rum. Foursquare 9 Year Old Port Cask Finish Rum is aged for 3 years in American bourbon cask and then 6 years in 220 litre ex-Port casks – which is a very long finish!


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