Georgian Wine Sampler Case – 6 x 75cl bottles


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Georgian Wine Sampler Case – 6 x 75cl bottles

This is a selection if Georgian wines chosen to help show the wide range of styles that Georgia produces. The is a dry white wine and a semi-sweet white as well as an amber wine (a.k.a. orange wine) made in qvevry. It would not be possible to produce a mixed case of Georgian wines without including one of their famous semi-sweet wines, the Khvanchkara, and a couple of different Saperavi wines, one made in qvevry and then aged for 7 months in oak barrel (great with lamb dishes).

The Georgian Wine Sampler Case includes one bottle of each of the following:

Dry White Wine

KTW Guramishvili’s Murani Chinuri Dry White Wine

A dry white Georgian wine produced from Chinuri grapes sourced from the Saguramo Valley in the Kartli region. This grape variety is also known as Kaspuri and used to be also known as Chinebuli which means “excellent” in the Georgian language. The grapes undergo a cool fermentation and the wine is aged for 9 months in oak barrels.

Golden straw colour. The wine is characterised by floral, jasmine, peach and pear nuances with some nutty almond and toasty oak notes.

Amber / Orange Wine

Terra Georgia Rkatsiteli Qvevri Dry Amber Wine

An orange wine made from 100% Rkatsiteli grapes and fermented in Qvrevi. After harvest the grapes including all of the grape skins, stalks and pips (this is also known as “chaca”) are fermented in a Qvevri. The wine is then aged on the skins in the Qvevri for around 5 to 6 month, this is what lends the wine its amber colour. Only naturally occuring yeasts are used and no animal products are used.

Lovely clear, orange, amber colour. The nose is dominated by ripe fruit notes, ripe peach, pear, quince, white blossom and sweet spices. This is a full-bodied wine with more ripe fruit notes, tinned peaches and spice on the palate. Well-balanced with lively acidity and finishes dry. Good long, dry finish.

 Semi Sweet White Wine

KTW Iveria Tvishi Semi Sweet White, Kahketi 

A naturally semi-sweet white wine from Georgia. It is made from 100% Tsolikauri grapes grown in the Kakheti wine-growing region, the largest in Georgia. The grapes come from the Tvishi microzone which is locaetd on the right bank of the River Rioni.

A lovely golden colour and aromas of medlar, apricots, fresh apple and floral, honeyed notes. This is a medium bodied wine and has a wonderful balance of zesty acidity and sweetness.

Dry Red Wine

Terra Georgia Mukuzani, Red Dry Wine

100% Saperavi. The grapes for this wine come from the Mukuzani micro-zone of the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia. Terra Georgia Mukuzani is made in the traditional style but is also aged in oak.

A dark ruby-coloured wine with intense notes of blackberries, blueberries, prunes, vanilla, leather and spices. The balanced acidity and tannins are perfectly expressed in the full-bodied character and finish of the wine.

Terra Georgia Saperavi Qvevri Dry Red Wine

A dry red wine produced from 100% Saperavi grapes. This wine undergoes traditional fermentation and maturation in Qvevri followed by ageing for 7 months in oak barrels. Only indigenous yeasts are used.

A dark ruby wine with intense colour. Its taste captures well the varietal flavours of Saperavi – cherry, prune, blackberry and black pepper. Lively acidity and pronounced tannins combine spectacularly. Its full-bodied character and long finish evidence the high quality and age of the vineyard. The varietal aromas are complexly repeated on the palate, adding fruity and spicy notes to the wine. 

Semi-Sweet Red Wine

KTW Khvanchkara Special Collection Semi-Sweet Red Wine

A naturally semi-sweet red wine produced from Alexandrouli and Mudzhuretuli grapes. Along with Kindzmarauli, it is one Georgia’s most famous semi-sweet red wines. The grapes are late harvested so that they can fully ripen and attain a high level of natural sweetness.

Bright ruby red colour. There aromas of berry fruits: blackcurrant, blackberry, plum, and raspberry. The palate is packed with more ripe berry fruits. It is rich and sweet, but not cloying, with soft velvety tannins and good length.



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