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Goslings Black Seal 151 Proof Bermuda Rum is the overproof version of this famous Bermudan rum. This was first launched in 2005 as a high proof rum use behind the bar, in cocktails and for desserts that call for flaming such as the classic Bananas Foster.

Goslings Rum was founded in Bermuda by James Gosling in December 1806. He had set sail for America to sell some the ship’s £10,000 cargo but, as the ship’s charter expired during the voyage, he ended up at the nearest port, which happened to be Bermuda. Gosling set up shop moving into their iconic Front Street premises in 1824, a store they maintained for the next 127 years. Goslings started blending rums in 1860 and within three years had developed old Old Rum, a dark full-bodied rum. This eventually became to be bottled in Champagne bottles recycled from the British Officers’ Mess. These were sealed with a black wax seal from where the rum get its name – the barrel juggling black seal on the label came much later. Over the years Goslings Black Seal Rum has become synonymous with Bermuda – it is the essential additive to Bermuda fish chowder, adds the island touch to Bermuda Rum Swizzle and Goslings Black Seal Rum is the original dark rum for a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail.

Goslings Black Seal 151 Proof is made by fermenting naturally sweet molasses, a by-product of processing sugar cane. Naturally Goslings Rum is made to a secret family recipe dating back nearly two hundred years. The final blend is made up from independently aged distillates aged in once-used, charred, American oak bourbon casks. The smooth, full flavour is the result of a careful blend of aged pot and continuous still distillates. One imparts flavour; the other a subtle elegance.

151 proof = 75.5% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet dark chocolate, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Palate: Herbs, molasses syrup and caramel.

Finish: Hint of coffee and tobacco, sweet vanilla.


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