Hakuro Junmai Nigori-shu (Cloudy Sake), Hakuro Brewery, Nagaokoa 17% 72cl Bottle

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Junmai Nigori-shu is a cloudy Sake made by the Hakuro Brewery in Nagaokoa (Niigata Prefecture) in the heart of the Echigo Plain, that is famous for its rice-growing. Hakuro Shozu can trace its history back to 1751. The area is dominated by the Tateyama mountain range and it is the melting snow from here than delivers mineral-rich water to the Echigo Plain from spring to summer resulting in a good rice harvest in the autumn. Hakuro Junmai Nigori-shu is only coarsely filtered to take out the larger bits of rice allowing small bits of rice particles into the bottling which gives the Sake its characteristic cloudy appearance and distinctive flavour. Nigori Sake is usually the sweetest style of Sake but this is a drier style.

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